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Breaking the Depression Cycle by Combating Inflammation

Depression has long puzzled scientists studying the root causes of mental health problems, and long been rooted to helping start abusive drug relationships. Some people seem to be at increased genetic risk for depressed mood, while others develop depression following a tragic life event. But what if we’ve been thinking about the entire depression question the wrong way? What if depression is…

The Ways People Detox from Drugs

Acupuncture in Detox

A Huge Issue in Today’s Society
Drug abuse is all too common, with an estimated 9% of Americans age 12 or older needing treatment for using alcohol, drugs or tobacco (1). Drug abuse costs the United States over $600 billion each year (2). Costs stem from lost productivity from absenteeism and poorer work performance, crime, and healthcare costs from treating drug-related injuries, cases of…

The Visual Signs of Drug Addiction

Choosing the Right Rehab

Suspicions that someone you know has a substance abuse problem can result in going back and forth between worrying that you’re right and feeling guilty that you might be wrong. While suspicions might be right, there are visual signs of drug addiction that can confirm concerns that an individual you care about needs help.

The signs and symptoms exhibited by those abusing drugs or alcohol can…

The 10 Most Addictive Prescription Drugs

help in sand

The 10 most addictive prescription medications prescribed by physicians increase levels of certain neurotransmitters in the brain that promote tolerance, dependence and, in some cases, addiction. Specifically, drugs meant to reduce pain or anxiety are more likely to induce dependency simply because the brain grows accustomed to the “feel-good” effects produced by elevated amounts of t…

How Does REBT Therapy Work?

Common Treatment

Among the treatment options that may be available to you or your loved one in a drug or alcohol treatment program is REBT therapy. When you understand what it is and how it works, it is easier to determine if the therapy is appropriate for your recovery goals.

What is REBT Therapy?

Before you can understand how it works, it is important to understand the basics of REBT therapy. REBT stands…

Do Drug Laws Help or Hurt Individuals Using Drugs or Alcohol?

Do Drug Laws Help Addicts

Substance abuse is not always related to illegal behaviors. Prescription medications, over-the-counter substances and alcohol that is purchased by an adult over 21 can still result in the development of physical and emotional dependence on the substance. Although drug laws are designed to help protect individuals from using illegal and harmful substances, there are debates about how much it is…

The Importance of a Sober Coach

success and solutions

When you or a loved one has been through a rehabilitation program and relapsed, it can be emotionally challenging to try becoming sober again. Each time you or your loved one relapses, it can hurt your confidence to move forward and try reaching your recovery goals from the foundation. That is where a sober coach will step in and help you or your loved one.

What is a Sober Coach?

Before you…

The Real Meaning of Binge Drinking

beer pouring

Binge drinking, like binge eating, refers to the consumption of a large amount of alcohol over a short period of time. A generally accepted definition of binge drinking is the consumption of five or more drinks in a row for men and four or more in a row for women. When this type of drinking occurs three or more times over a two-week period, the individual is a heavy binge drinker.

There ar…

How Does an Alcohol Detox Work?

alcohol abuse

When you or a loved one is planning to seek help to recover from alcohol abuse, you may be concerned about the process of detoxifying the body. It is important to go through alcohol detox because it gives you a clean slate when you start your treatment. By understanding how the process works, it may make the decision to seek treatment or help a loved one go through a treatment program.


Daily Activities to Help Your Loved One Stay Sober

Purpose of Rehab

A proactive approach is vital to sobriety. As a family member of someone who’s recovering from substance abuse, you can take an active role in supporting your friend, partner or child in a new sober lifestyle. Approaching the future in terms of weeks, months or years can be overwhelming. While it’s necessary to have a long-term plan for sobriety, the daily activities your loved one participates…

There are numerous program options for treatment available to our clients. Alternative treatments succeed where traditional treatments have fallen short.

There is no set standard of beliefs or principles for clients to follow in order to complete the addiction treatment program. Every client, as an individual, receives a tailored program to fit his or her needs and situation.
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