Blu By the Sea

Intimate Treatment for Lasting Sobriety

Blu By the Sea was founded on the principle that hands-on, one-on-one therapy in a comfortable and compassionate environment gives people struggling with addiction or mental health issues the best chance at a full recovery.

Our trained staff utilizes a range of holistic and traditional treatments to help each client overcome their problems. We know each client comes from a different background and situation, so we tailor our treatment to give every client the best chance of success.

We believe compassion, support and understanding are every bit as important as training and experience, and our staff is ready to partner with you or your loved one on a path to recovery.

I can look people in the eye and be proud. I can smile and enjoy even the smallest of simple pleasures. Blu By the Sea Addiction Treatment made me whole again.

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There are numerous program options for treatment available to our clients. Alternative treatments succeed where traditional treatments have fallen short.

There is no set standard of beliefs or principles for clients to follow in order to complete the addiction treatment program. Every client, as an individual, receives a tailored program to fit his or her needs and situation.
Call 1 (850) 424-3252

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